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Sometimes the hardest part about list making is deciding where to keep your lists. It can be handy to use an app on your phone, or a program like Evernote, where you can access your lists anywhere, anytime online. Using paper has its benefits, too — every finished task comes with the
satisfaction of crossing the item off your list. 

Unfortunately, each method has a downside, too. Paper lists and notebooks can get lost in the shuffle between home and your office. Electronic lists travel with you, but don’t have the same presence as a post-it glaring at you from above your computer screen. One of my mantras is that if you write it down, it will get done. But, for my money, nothing beats the real deal of putting pen to paper (or post-it, chalkboard, whiteboard, or whatever strikes your fancy). The physical act of writing something down reinforces the mental note, and it always seems more final. As Oprah says, “You Become What You Believe.”

Another plus to using a handwritten list — you can make your lists your own! Use a colorful chalkboard next to your desk, or set up a wall for post-its. You can divide up your task into whatever categories you want, and rearrange them as your priorities change. Check out my Pinterest board of different places to write down your lists! There are a lot of options out there. What’s your favorite place to keep your lists?

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