Paula Rizzo, creator Listful Thinking Masterclass

Picture this: It’s the end of the day and you’re actually leaving your desk on time.
Plus you actually make it to your dinner plans on time instead of rushing in finishing up a work phone call, scattered and unfocused.
You’ve crossed off every single thing on your to-do list (with a little help from other people too) and you have a game plan for the next day.
When you saw something shiny — you resisted the urge to go off the rails and instead stayed motivated to get your projects done.
You also didn’t have to do everything on your list yourself.
OH and did I mention you got a restful night’s sleep after catching up on your favorite Netflix series?
You’re calling the shots on what you do in your day and not simply putting out fires as they erupt at your feet.
You get to choose.
You choose to be more productive, organized, successful and less stressed.  
How do you get there? I can help.
I’ve always been a list maker.
You name it – I make a list about it.  
I’ve been doing it since I was a child. But I didn’t really kick my list making into high gear until I became a television producer in NYC.
The news happens with or without you and I needed to get a lot done in a short amount of time efficiently.
Lists were the only way to do it.
I became so successful in my career that I won an Emmy Award for best newscast. It was a thrilling moment.

With the hosts of BetterTV after my segment

But while I was using my list-making talents at work – things were falling through the cracks at home.
Here I was, this super organized and productive person—forgetting birthdays and appointments!  
When my husband Jay and I were looking for an apartment in New York City — I was completely overwhelmed.
So I created a checklist of all the things I needed to pay attention to.
Hardwood floors, dishwasher, steps to the subway…
I handled the search much like I would at work when I go out on a shoot and need to interview someone. I write out all the questions I need to ask and do a lot of preparation beforehand.

Gretchen Rubin endorsed my book. She loves lists too!

I’ve been interviewing people for a long time and I know how to do my job but distractions pop up and things happen.
With my list I can always keep on track to remember where I was and what I still need to ask.
When I used this same tactic, it was so much easier to find a great apartment!
I just followed the checklist and stayed focused instead of fixating on the wine fridge in the kitchen and forgetting to count how many closets the apartment had.
A friend wanted my list and suggested I start a blog because as she said not everyone thinks this way.
So I did—and in April 2011, was born!
I’ve always wanted to write a book but I never thought it would be about lists!