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Get Organized in the New Year

Each year “get organized” tops the most popular resolutions list. It is one that has been on my list from time to time but because it’s such a broad topic — you should narrow your focus if you want to be successful. That’s just one of the ways to make sure you stick to your resolution this year. Organizing expert Tracy McCubbin has given us tips on how to simplify our lives but this time she’s making sure we “get organized” with ease.

New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

by Tracy McCubbin

New Year’s resolutions are nothing new – literally. Each year we make the same resolutions only to find they’ve gone to the way-side a few short months, weeks, or even days later. Right behind “getting in shape” is often, “getting organized.”

‘Get organized’ is such a broad and unspecific goal that it’s almost destined to fail. Our resolutions are only as good as our plans to put them into action, so the first step is to purge.

The easiest way to have less clutter is to have less stuff. I encourage everyone to really pay attention to their wants versus their needs. Additionally, just like with your resolution to lose weight, you’re not going to get organized overnight. Read more