5 Reasons I Gave Up Black Friday Shopping

I treat shopping like a sport. I love to sniff out the best deals and values by clipping coupons, collecting discount codes and doing my homework before making a purchase. I’ve battled my way through the crowds on many a Black Friday but this year as many of you gear up to take advantage of shopping’s biggest day…I will not be going to the stores.  I’ve officially retired from Black Friday shopping for several reasons:

1.  It’s Stressful: Fighting crowds, waiting in line, finding a parking spot and possibly not even getting the item I came to get makes me anxious. It’s so much easier to just get some online shopping coupons on sites like than fighting my way through the shops! There is nothing exciting about putting yourself in a stressful situation. Sure you might save some cash but is it really worth your sanity? I’ve decided it’s not. I’ve done too many stories working in news about people getting trampled while getting the newest Elmo doll. I’m serious! Read more