About Paula Rizzo

Wouldn’t it be nice….

…not to jump out of bed because you forgot to pay a bill, pack lunch or write something down on your to-do list for tomorrow?

…to show up to meetings on time or even (gasp) early and have a list of objectives and goals right in front of you?

…to be able to relax on the weekends and not run around like a crazy person doing tons of errands?

…to be able to knock off everything on your to-do list with ease?

This isn’t a pipe dream.  

It can be a reality and you’ve come to the right place! 

Paula_Rizzo_Headshot_CloseupMy name is Paula Rizzo and I’m the founder of ListProducer.com and the author of Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed. 

After being overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out — I found ways to use lists and other productivity tricks to be more effective at work and at home.

And I’ve helped thousands of people do the same through my blog, my columns with Entrepreneur and Mind Body Green, my book Listful Thinking and online programs.

Imagine instead…

…spending time with your friends and family and not feeling rushed because of your ongoing to-do list. 

…being able to find time to do things for yourself like taking a walk, calling a friend or getting a massage.

…getting endless praise at work because you are now the go-to person for important projects. 

…feeling like you’ve got it together and can spend time doing more of what you love. 

Ready to get there? 

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