Take Back Your Inbox:  Stop Drowning in Unread Messages, Respond Quicker and Finally Achieve Inbox Zero

Finally an inbox YOU can control!

Only $47 for all the videos and the additional worksheets.  (More on this below)

I’m an email junkie.  There I said it.

I love to sign up for newsletters, PDFs and free gifts of all kinds.   If there’s a free promo code out there — I want it.

All these goodies are delivered right to my inbox and I always have the best intentions to read them all and use that discount to get 10% off shoes I just have to have.

But….the truth is I rarely do anything with that stuff.

The emails just collect unopened in my inbox and then I actually feel bad about not using them like I planned.

Sound familiar?

All that digital clutter has caused me to miss out on some pretty important opportunities throughout the years.

You see — in my one inbox I was juggling emails for work, my personal life and the newsletters/PDFs I was hoarding.

I couldn’t keep track of anything. I’d miss personal plans with friends and I’d forget to respond back to crucial work emails.

Plus all that clutter was costing me time.  

Each new ping distracted me from what I was in the middle of doing.  And all the deleting I had to do to get rid of unwanted emails was mind numbing.

Throughout the day small chunks of my time were wasted dealing with all these unwanted emails.  When I added that up I realized I was wasting roughly a half hour everyday!

That’s nearly 200 hours a year LOST to email overwhelm.  An entire weeklong vacation right there!

I’m a television producer covering health news and to say I’m inundated with emails each day is an understatement.

Story pitches from all kinds of health experts, doctors, coaches, breaking news alerts, updates from all the shows at our 24-hour network, colleague emails, article ideas, video ideas, more story pitches, requests to copy edit scripts — the list just goes on and on.

And that’s just the work emails I get.  

I’m not even talking about the personal or other messages that come into my inbox daily.

Without a system to organize all of this information — I failed.


I got an email from a publicist I’ve worked with for years who had an enticing offer.  She was part of a group who wanted to hear from a producer working in the news business — covering health specifically.

She thought of me and offered me a spot on their speakers’ panel.

It would be a trip to Boston for a few days.  And I’d get to chat about how to get your message out into the world effectively and how to become a producer’s dream guest.  All topics I know tons about.  Plus the rest of the panel was pretty impressive and it would be an honor to speak with them.  I’m always up for networking because you never know who you might meet!

Except…I didn’t see the email.

It was buried in all that other digital clutter!

When I finally did get to it – it was too late.  They picked someone else to speak to the group.

The organizer said they only do these panels once a year and they would consider me for the next one.

That was 3 years ago.

I was so disappointed but mostly in myself.  I blew an opportunity to meet amazing people and be seen as an expert in my field.

Plus here I am this “totally organized and productive person” who couldn’t even respond to emails.

My email overwhelm was just too much.  I wasn’t able to get to anything on my to-do list because I was too busy trying to get my email under control — and not actually getting anywhere with it.

Paula_Rizzo_Headshot_CloseupHi, my name is Paula Rizzo, and I’m the author of the book, Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed.

I’ve made it my mission to find the best ways to get more done without stressing myself out.  It’s important to be efficient but also find time to enjoy life.

I love traveling and reading.  Since I’ve been creating lists to get more done through my blog ListProducer.com I can do more of both!

It’s through my love of lists that I was able to win an Emmy award, buy an apartment, plan a destination wedding and even write my book.

I decided to find the secrets to getting control of my inbox and my life.


Stop Drowning in Your Email Messages!

The cost of this course is just $47 for all the videos and the additional worksheets.  (More on this below)

I was falling behind and that’s not my style at all.  So I fixed my email overwhelm!

I read dozens and dozens of blog posts, asked very busy people how they deal with their email and took a bunch of online courses — to find some of the “best email management” advice.

And the truth is most of it doesn’t work at all.

Bad Advice #1:  Only check email twice a day

How is this realistic in our busy lives?

I couldn’t last at all doing this technique.

I know people who do it and it works for them.  But it just doesn’t work for me.

Sometimes I can disconnect for hours at a time if needed but there’s just too much I could miss if I was only checking email twice.

Bad Advice #2: Refuse to check email in the morning

Not checking my email first thing makes me more anxious than an overflowing inbox on a Monday morning.

It’s just not something that I want to put myself through.  I’m here to find ways to be less stressed out — not add to my anxiety.

Yet there are many productivity experts that will tell you this is the only way to make it through the day.

I disagree.  There are other solutions.  (I’ll get to those in a minute.)

Bad Advice #3:  Respond immediately

Whew — I’m a huge procrastinator and this was never going to happen anyway.

But the truth is — most people misuse email and think of it as a conversation.

If you respond back right away…you know what will happen?  That other person will respond back — and the game of ping pong begins.

Back and forth,back and forth. And on it goes.

And you’ve lost precious minutes out of your day replying back to a string of messages.

I have some great techniques to share that will allow you to respond back to emails now and send them later.

Or you can even just ignore them until it’s a good time for you.  But don’t worry — you won’t forget about them.


I used to feel scatterbrained and spend hours a day sifting through 400 emails.

I knew I needed to figure out a system to stop the email overwhelm.  I’m all about a good system.  That’s why I love my to-do lists so much.  They give me order and structure.  I needed the same for my inbox.

Once I figured out how to treat my inbox with care, clean out unneeded fluff and respond to emails in the most succinct ways — my email burden became a blessing.  

I’m now able to find time for my to-do list items.

I’m able to access the information I need quickly and I don’t drown in unread emails anymore.

I know who I need to get back to today and which emails can be saved for later.  I have time at night to relax instead of scrolling through endless messages to “catch up” before the next day’s influx begins.


There’s hope for your inbox too!  I can show you the exact system that I use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to “Take Back Your Inbox: Stop Drowning in Unread Messages, Respond Quicker and Finally Achieve Inbox Zero?”

Email is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder.  It’s time to show your inbox who’s boss!

Stop Drowning in Your Email Messages!

The cost of this course is just $47 for all the videos and the additional worksheets.  (More on this below)


  • My amazing #1 trick for deciding what to do with an email in SECONDS
  • How to switch your mindset about email because most of the productivity advice you’ve gotten in the past is a lie
  • The secret to being less stressed out when you sign into your email in the morning
  • How to get to bottom of where all your email overwhelm is coming from
  • To have time at the end of the day to do what you want instead of filing and opening emails
  • Ways to get your email hoarding under control
  • How procrastination will help you get more done
  • The exact keywords in any email that will help you file it immediately
  • My proven shortcuts to get to Inbox Zero

You can watch the lessons whenever you’d like.  And to make it even easier I’ve also made some worksheets for you, too.


  • An action checklist
  • A list of pre-written emails that will give you back hours in your day
  • Email etiquette cheat sheet
  • Resources page filled with apps and websites to tame your inbox


You won’t have that “Sunday night” feeling anymore when you think about all the things you need to do at work on Monday.  You know what I’m talking about – that pit in the bottom of your stomach that causes you to dread going to work.

  • We will take control of your inbox by evaluating what you’re putting there and why
  • I’ll tell you about my amazing trick for deciding in seconds what to do with an email.  
  • Then we will clean your inbox with my tested tools to make email work for you so you won’t be anxious about it.  

You’ll be able to get to everything else on your to-do list because you’ll put email in it’s place!

You won’t even need to do a thing once we automate your inbox.

I’ve found lots of great shortcuts to get to inbox zero that I’ll share with you.

  • You’ll be able to weed out non-essential messages instantly and get to the important ones quicker.
  • You’ll have a clear inbox that will be easy to navigate through.
  • You’ll break free from email overwhelm with my step-by-step guide.

I’ll give you the tools to evaluate, purify, organize, automate and maintain your inbox.

Imagine the stress off your shoulders (and fingertips) when you know your emails are organized and manageable.  Your evenings will be free to enjoy with your partner or friends.  You’ll feel this amazing sense of calmness knowing you have responded all high-priority emails.

The cost of this course is just $47 for all the videos and the additional worksheets.  

You might say — “I can figure this stuff out for myself.  I can probably find it all on the Internet somewhere.”

I’ve already done the work of curating the best of the best information to make it easy for you.  I’ve used this system myself and I’m much less stressed because of it.

I value your time.  If you’re anything like me, you can lose hours “researching” stuff on the Internet.  I don’t want you to be left without a solution to your burning email problem.

You can get it under control—and I can guide you personally.

Finding premium courses and programs is how I’ve been able to get ahead and become successful in every aspect of my life.

Let me show you how to easily and efficiently Take Back Your Inbox, Stop Drowning in Unread Messages, Respond Quicker and Finally Achieve Inbox Zero!

Stop Drowning in Your Email Messages!