The Productivity Hangup You Probably Have Too

lady drinksA few weeks ago I was invited to a dinner party to celebrate my book Listful Thinking.  My friend and colleague Joya Dass runs a women’s networking group called LadyDrinks and hosted the event.  

So I was thrilled when she asked me to recreate the magic with an afternoon tea theme in Princeton, NJ.  (You know how much I love tea if you read this blog regularly! So I was all in on this.)

Most of the women at the tea were professional moms who juggle careers in industries ranging from technology to medicine. They all had one question – “How can you balance everything?”

It’s not easy, I struggle with this too and it’s only me and my husband at this point!  

One of the pitfalls and mindset issues I noticed coming up time and time again as we went around the room chatting was the idea of setting boundaries. I think mothers who work outside of the home tend to feel guilty about not spending enough time with their families. And then they feel guilty about not working enough when they are with their families.  That’s a recipe for overwhelm and disaster.  

Taking time for yourself is super important for your productivity and for your sanity.  Here’s the fix: boundaries.  Read more

I’m Moving…Come With Me!

aweber_logoBig news over here at  I’m switching email servers.  Nerd Alert!!  haha

It’s not really that complicated though. Email servers help me keep the readers of this blog up to date with all my lastest news and posts.

My previous email server worked fine when I didn’t have as many subscribers, but now the site is getting bigger it’s time for a shake up!

I’ve been making small changes to the site over the past few months to help you get more out of your lists and switching to AWeber will help me do that.

This latest move means you’ll need to resubscribe to receive emails from me.  

So I would love you to write down “Resubscribe to Paula’s email list” on your to-do list right now!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look out for another email from AWeber saying it’s time to re-subscribe to my email list.  
  2. Click the link in that email and re-subscribe.

Easy, right?  

But wait…there’s more!

As an added bonus I’m also offering a FREE copy of my ebook ‘50 Ways To Get More Done’ to everyone who re-subscribes.

The ebook features all my top productivity tips to help you get the most out of your time.

I recently posted about Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and about the importance of holding onto things that bring you joy.

So don’t let or my productivity tips slip through the cracks!

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Secrets to Boosting Your Confidence Now


I don’t believe confidence is something that we either have or we don’t. It’s more of a work in progress.

Even the most confident people occasionally hear those nagging voices in their head telling them they aren’t good enough, thin enough, pretty enough or smart enough.   

These insecurities can be such a pain, especially when they start to hold you back.

So how do we stop putting limits on ourselves and start reaching our potential?

I met a woman named Lori Ann Robinson who is an image and fashion consultant and she is tackling this very question in her “Style You Confident Virtual Summit.”

She asked to interview me on camera for my insights.  We chatted face-to-face via Skype. She’s also interviewed other top-notch experts from all over the world who will share with you their best strategies, secrets and wisdom on how to boost your confidence and make it STICK!   

  • I talked about how lists can help you achieve your goals
  • How lists can boost your confidence and help you be more productive
  • Secret productivity killers that you may not even know you’ve been doing!


A little more about Lori Ann — she was nominated for an Emmy award four times! This lady knows her stuff and in her free series you’ll get great insight into how confidence can make you flourish and pull you out of confusion and self doubt.

You will have access to incredible experts who will give advice you can use right away.

This summit is filled with tips and golden nuggets that will assist you no matter where you are in your life.  
Don’t miss out- CLICK HERE to register now!