Tech Goddess Makes Lists Work For Her

As far as self-professed nerds go — Carley Knobloch is the coolest.  I would call her a tech goddess in fact.  I’ve talked about her site former because I really think it’s great.  It’s a site dedicated to technology, apps, websites and products to make your life easier. Carley is also a featured speaker at BlogHer12.

She produces high-quality video and tips that are informative, quirky and cute.  I’ve shared a few here for you to check out and will continue to do that. Digitwirl is how I learned about, which I used to make my “Lists & Libations” Meetup flyer.

Carley isn’t only a tech nerd…er goddess..she’s also a list maker!  So she’s this month’s featured list producer: Read more

Successful List-Making Group

A while back I had a thought to create a Meetup group for list makers.  So I did — it’s called “Lists & Libations” and we had our first event last week in NYC.  It was a success! I’ve posted more photos on my Facebook page.

I’m thrilled that about 15 fellow list producers could come together to share drinks and ideas.  I had a little questionnaire with some list-related questions as an ice breaker and gave out some prizes from one of my favorites —

With the first Meetup under our belt — I’m planning two more.  Another one in NYC that will probably have a theme to keep us all focused!  I’m hoping to get some guest speakers too.  And I’m also planning a virtual meetup — called “Common List Making Mistakes & How to Fix Them,” so anyone can join in.  That one is a bit of an experiment — I’m going to use a Google+ Hangout for that one.  We’ll see how it goes!

Would love to hear your feedback and have you join the “Lists & Libations” meetup group.

Join me for Lists & Libations Tonight!

I’m trying a bit of an experiment and I hope that some of you will join me!  I’m combining two of my favorite things: list making and libations!

The idea is to bring together a bunch of like-minded people who can chat about lists and how we use them to be more organized, productive and efficient!  And happy hour with two for one drinks never hurts either.

If you’re going to be in NYC tonight, July 25th — I hope you’ll stop by and say hi — bring your lists!  If you won’t be around — join the meetup group anyway!  Hopefully there will be other events that you can attend.

Click here for all the details and to RSVP.  

List of Things to Say in Awkward Situations

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We’ve all been there — in a situation where we are fidgeting and searching for just the right thing to say. These awkward social encounters can make us anxious, stressed out and agitated.

Dinner Parties

For some people – dinner parties can be excruciating. Small talk, people you don’t know and awkward silences can really make you uneasy. If you go into social situations like dinner or cocktail parties prepared — you will have a much better time. Here’s some ideas to pull you out of this tough time: Read more

List of Must-Eat NYC Restaurants

One of my favorite things to do is eat. I love to try new restaurants, new foods and share my recommendations with just about anyone who will listen! Recently I tried escargot in Paris — yep…snails! They were delish!

But the purpose of this post isn’t to tell you all about the amazing things I tasted on vacation but it’s to give you a list of some must-try restaurants if you plan on visiting NYC any time soon.

I’ve mentioned the BlogHer12 conference before and it’s coming to NYC in just a few weeks. So this list is meant to all those bloggers who will be storming the Big Apple and hungry for some great food. Most of these restaurants are located in Midtown — which is where the conference is located. But I did throw in a few of my favorites in nearby neighborhoods. Bon Appetit!