4 Productivity Lessons I Learned From Life

4 Productivity Tips I Picked Up FromIt’s pretty well known that most lessons are not taught in a classroom. I think this is especially true when it comes to productivity. No one ever teaches you how to write a list or how to plan your schedule in school. (Maybe they should!) We’re just expected to know these things.

Most of what I learned about list making and time management I learned the hard way – through mistakes.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years:

List Making is in My Blood

For as long as I can remember my Dad has always been making a list about something. For example, my dad’s garden is his pride and joy. Every March he makes a list of all the vegetables that he wants to have in his garden for the summer. He’s very systematic about it and even draws out a map of where each vegetable will be planted. It’s pretty cute that he’s so passionate about it.

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To-Do List Fix: You Never Cross Anything Off

Why you aren't crossing things off yourI often get questions from people who need help fixing their to do list. I find that the same problems often crop up again and again.  So I figured I’d write posts from time to time to help you tackle them because I’m guessing some of you might be having the same issues.

Problem: You never check everything off your list


1.  Use Action Words:  Your list isn’t specific enough.  Don’t just write “respond to emails” – write instead “write back to Debbie about holiday party.”  That gives you a concentrated action that you can feel good about crossing off your list.

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Checklist to Stop Being a People Pleaser

peopleI like making people happy.

I like giving people good news and helping them when they’re stuck with something.

The problem is, you can’t please everyone and sometimes being a people pleaser has negative side effects.

When you’re always trying to please you can feel like your just saying yes automatically. Helping your friends starts to feel like a burden. And then you can get resentful, eeek!

Here’s a checklist to help you control your people pleasing ways and take back your time:

1. Remember you don’t have to do it – When someone asks for something, before you say yes, stop and take a moment to think, “Do I actually want to do this?” Don’t say yes to invitations you know you’ll regret later.

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Get Inspiration From Late-Bloomer Celebs

Julia_ChildSpring is synonymous with a fresh start. If you’ve been lagging on your New Year’s resolutions or you just want to make a change – now is the time to turn over a new leaf.

However, change is not always easy.

Especially the 10th, 20th or even 50th time around. Today I want to celebrate this list of people who found success a little later in life. Proving that it’s really is never too late to change your ways!

Julia Child – Probably the most famous late bloomer, Julia didn’t develop an interest in cooking until she was in her late thirties. She went on to publish nearly twenty cooking books, many of which where tied to her popular television shows.

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Checklist to Spring Clean Your Desktop

messyIt may seem simple but clearing clutter will do a world of difference for your stress levels.  In fact – there was a UCLA study that found whenever a woman is around clutter, her stress hormones skyrocket.  We don’t want that!   So let’s start small — like by decluttering your desktop.

I can’t believe how long I let my desktop stay littered with photos, documents and even shortcuts that I never used.  I would navigate around all the clutter and it would slow me down.  Don’t forget — every second counts!  So just having to clear away unnecessary photos and folders or wasting time looking for something you “know is here somewhere,” takes up your precious time.  Well let’s take it back!

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