Checklist for Organizing Your Home

This upcoming weekend is the last free one that I will have in quite a while. So I’m going to make the best of of it! Jay will be watching football and I’ll be organizing! But as you know — I don’t take on a task without being prepared with a checklist. Professional organizer Bonnie Joy Dewkett has helped in the past with my paper problem — and now here’s her list for staying organized at home.

Top 10 Home Organization Tips

by Bonnie Joy Dewkett

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take the time to effectively plan your projects out. Then give them the thought, attention, and time they deserve.

1. Start by writing down your organizing goal. Don’t start with “organize the garage.” Start with WHY you want to get organized. For example, “I want to organize my family room, so that I have more time with my kids” or, “I want to organize my closet, so that I have a less stressful morning routine.”

2. Next, write down the space you want to organize. From there, identify the smaller steps you will need to take to do so. This will make the overall project less daunting, and will create a great “to-do” list. This can seem like a big task, but making the smaller to do list will show just how much better it will make everything else. For example, in a garage, you may write down the following: Read more

What’s on Your Favorite Movie List?

I have to admit – I really just want to show you my photo with Jennifer Grey. I met her yesterday while doing a shoot at work about chronic pain and a campaign she’s working on. But it did inspire this blog post about movies being that “Dirty Dancing” is one of my favorites of all time! I have literally seen it over a hundred times, I’m sure. I continue to quote from the 1987 flick in my everyday life!  Here’s a list of my most-loved quotes:

  • “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”
  • “I carried a watermelon”
  • “It’s a feeling; a heartbeat”
  • “I think she gets this from me”
  • “This Danish is pure protein”
  • “Where is my beige iridescent lipstick?”

I could go on and on and on! Haha Thanks for indulging me a bit. But it’s really amazing how movies can bring you back to a place in your life and really make you happy.

Here’s a list of some of my most favorite movies…in no particular order:

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Grease
  3. Limitless
  4. The Godfather
  5. Goodfellas
  6. The Princess Bride
  7. Forrest Gump
  8. The Wizard of Oz
  9. Babe
  10. Finding Nemo
  11. E.T.
  12. Titanic
  13. Just Married (haha – I’m serious, I love this one)
  14. A River Runs Through It
  15. The Little Mermaid

I’m sure I forgot some – but basically this is my list. I’m sure yours looks different – but maybe we have some similarities? Please share your “Favorite Movies” list with me! Can’t wait to check them out.

Checklist For Being a Better Storyteller

I tell stories for a living. That’s what compelling TV is all about — great storytelling. I think I get it from my dad — he’s a fabulous storyteller. He’s been known to captivate audiences with his police stories or tales from the “old neighborhood.”

Some people have storytelling in their genes but you can also learn how to get people to listen to your adventures. The skill will help you at cocktail parties and even when putting your kids to bed!

I’m excited about our guest blogger today — she knows all about storytelling and has dedicated a whole website to the subject at Mrs. P is portrayed by actress Kathy Kinney, who starred as Mimi on “The Drew Carey Show” for nine years.

How to Be a Better Storyteller

by Mrs. P

Whether you’re at home trying to get your child to fall asleep or at an office party telling a story about sitting in a patch of poison ivy on your honeymoon, having good storytelling skills can greatly improve your life. No one ever walks away from a good storyteller. And good storytellers are always invited back to the next party. Here are seven tips to improve your own skills:

1) Start with the ending. In other words, know how your story will end before you begin. Starting a story is like starting a trip, and if you have a map and know your destination, it will be a more satisfying and entertaining journey for both you and your audience. Read more

The List by “The Office”

For someone who is in the TV business — I surprisingly don’t like to watch TV all that much.  Isn’t that weird? It’s true though — I’d rather be reading (nerd alert) or doing something else rather than staring at the tube, usually. However — there are certain shows that I just can’t do without.  “The Office” is one of those shows — I absolutely love it.

Ironically enough — my favorite show was about a list this past week!  Can you believe it?  Lists are everywhere!

The new CEO of the company — Robert California — keeps a list of “winners and losers” around the office.  Seriously — that’s his list.  Well once the office finds out about the list — everyone is thrown into a tailspin. You can check out the episode by clicking on the  video below.

Robert’s list seems kind of cruel — but we are all guilty of keeping this kind of list from time to time. You know how much I advocate list making but I’ll be the first to admit some lists should remain in your brain only! This type of list is absolutely one of them. Unfortunately if certain lists get into the wrong hands — they can be hurtful and misinterpreted — doing more harm than good.

I know you’re thinking — this is a sitcom and meant to be a joke. I know — I get that. But let this little episode be a warning — beware of where you leave your private-thought lists!

Machine Recreates Endless To-Do Lists

Courtesy: Chris Eckert

Think your to-do list is never ending? There is a machine out there that frantically writes endless to-do lists! California artist Chris Eckert modeled it after his own to-do lists. He said on his website that he runs from, “one urgent task to the next and…new tasks are added faster than I can check completed items. My list grows longer and faster the harder I work.” Sound familiar?

His out-of-control list was his inspiration for this mechanical sculpture called “ToDo.” The items on the list that the machine jots down include chores from Eckert’s actual to-do list like, “gift for Troy” and “buy milk.”

Courtesy: Chris Eckert

Each appears as a ballpoint pen rolls over cash register receipt-like paper. It is programmed to write in Eckert’s actual handwriting too. The order of the chores is chosen at random and the same list will never repeat. Pretty genius, huh? Although a lot of us have recurring items on our own to-do lists.

The constantly running to-do list fills inch after inch of paper and eventually ends up in piles on the floor. I think we can all relate to this – with our stacks of papers and desks filled with Post-It notes!

It will be on display as part of the Annual Art Exhibition and Auction for the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art from September 24th through October 22nd 2011, but you can get a sneak peek by clicking on the video below.