A List Can Save Your Life

Turns out making a list can do a lot more than just help you remember to pick up milk from the grocery store. When I first started this blog I got a comment on one of my posts from a family friend. She mentioned that having a list actually saved her life. Yep – you heard me right. The act of writing something down reminded her to do something crucial, which prolonged her life. Amazing right!

Checklists and Your Health

The comment was from a woman named Kate — who is a mother of three and a full-time teacher. She’s constantly running here and there between her children, husband, work and personal life. But it was a to-do list that stopped her for a moment and reminded her to make her annual doctor’s appointments.

Because of that list – doctors found a precancerous breast condition. She was able to take precautionary measures to reduce her chances of developing advanced breast cancer later in life. She told me that checking off “make doctor’s appointment” from her to-do list – saved her life. The power of a simple list is amazing — it’s no wonder that doctors use them too. Read more

Start Your Day Fresh, Not Frantic

Home Office Toys

Home Office Toys (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

It happens to everyone from time to time.  You walk into your office and your day is completely derailed because of added meetings, ringing phones and creeping deadlines.  But there is a way to tame the beast.   Check out my latest YouTube video for my number one tip on how to start your day fresh, not frantic.  It’s a technique I’ve been using for years as a tv producer and it’s served me well!  Hope it works for you — let me know how you do.


9 Ways to be Productive on a Snow Day

SNOW DAY in TIMES SQUARE 2011 - Manhattan,...

SNOW DAY in TIMES SQUARE 2011 – Manhattan, New York City – 01/26/11 (Photo credit: asterix611)

The mention of extreme weather does a funny thing to people. It throws us into a total frenzy. No one wants to sit in a freezing home in the middle of winter. All you can think of is how much milk you have in the house and whether or not your car has gas. My office has been a buzz about the Nor’easter headed for New York City for days.

A snow day is a good excuse to do all the things you’ve been “meaning” to do but just haven’t gotten to do. If you do get snowed in — here’s my list of things you can do to be productive:

  1. Clean out just ONE desk, junk or dresser drawer. Get to more if you can but start with just one.
  2. Catch up on your saved DVR shows. (in your PJs)
  3. Look up and try out a new workout on YouTube.
  4. Start compiling all the paperwork you need to do your taxes. I recommend Evernote to keep track of it all.
  5. Do some online shopping to cross off some birthday or holiday gifts from your to-do list.
  6. Do research for an upcoming wedding, vacation or project.
  7. Download the Next Issue app to browse all your favorite magazines in one spot.
  8. Try out a new recipe. One of my favorite blogs Cooking With Books should give you some inspiration.
  9. Begin a new book. Check Goodreads.com for fabulous recommendations from friends.