Grab Some Graduates Now & Outsource Your Side Hustle

As you may know I am a big fan of outsourcing, but when I’m asked about it, typically people want to know about one thing – interns. The idea of hiring interns is appealing, but the practically of finding good ones and deciding how best to use them can be tricky.

I’ve had a history of success with hiring interns to help me at, while some of that comes down to luck, there are ways to increase your chances of creating a successful internship for both the employer and the intern.

Where to find them

June is graduation season, which means there plenty of excited fresh graduates out there who are looking to get started on their careers. So where’s the best place to find them? Big websites like Indeed or SimplyHired seem like a good place to start, but there’s so many postings it’s easy for yours to get lost among the many. So where should you put ads?

Your Own Website – When looking for an intern, you want to find someone who’s at least interested in your business or your field of expertise. So perhaps one of the best places to start would be to look at the people you already know. If you have a sizable following there’s bound to be a few graduates or people looking for extra work on that list!

LinkedIn – Many colleges encourage students to build LinkedIn profiles and try to connect with people who are in the industry they would like to work in. Even if, like me, you don’t connect with people you don’t know you can still publish job postings on to LinkedIn or in various alumni groups or other private boards. That way any student doing their research should be able to find it. – This is probably the biggest job site specifically dedicated to internships and is one of the first places many students will turn to. It does charge you to list internships but it  has a decent search function giving students the chance to find something that fits their niche. This is good for you as it leads to more targeted applications instead of the blanket generalized ones you find on

Your Alma Mater – Many colleges have services that allow alumni to publish job and internship listings for current and graduating students. This is great if your business is still based in your college town. You know what kind of education level to expect from the graduates and what they might need more help based on your own experiences. Plus it feels good to give back.  

Delegating tasks

So you’ve found yourself an intern, now what do you give them to do?

Scheduling – To keep everyone on track I have always had a weekly call with my interns. This way we can talk about upcoming events in the calendar and pitch blog post ideas. This ties in with an online calendar that we all have access to, so everyone knows what’s going on. During the week we stay in communication with emailing. With a newer intern I might have a larger role in checking over work or answering their questions, but as time goes on they tend to become quite self sufficient once you lay the groundwork.

TasksIf you’ve never had an intern before you might be a little hesitant about giving away anything you think might be ‘too important’. Part of having an intern means putting a little faith in them though. Write a list of everything you do for your business and then grade how easy the tasks are. To first test the waters and help the intern ease into things you can give them the easier tasks and as they become more confident you can progress up the ladder. I would recommend keeping most of the harder tasks to yourself, but if you think the intern is up to it you can delegate as much as you like!

Make it worthwhile for them

The purpose of an internship is to help a person to gain experience in their chosen field while you lighten a bit of your workload. For this reason you should not set out with the idea of just pawning off every tasks you find boring, but at the same time not putting too much pressure on the intern to achieve things beyond their scope. I like to think about the kind of internship I would have wanted when I left college and try to recreate that.

You Should Really Change All Your Passwords

Part of my routine when I walk to work is to listen to podcasts. It’s my favorite thing to do. They often inspire me with new ideas or I’ll pick up some interesting tips. However when I listened to this podcast it stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Reply All” (one of my absolute favorites) starts out telling the story Alex Blumberg, CEO of Gimlet Media (which produces the podcast)  getting his Uber account hacked. This wasn’t such a problem for me, as I don’t even have an Uber account but I continued to listen. I protested them a long time ago when they first started out because they stole my credit card information. But I digress.

Back to the podcast – the  story itself is a little frightening because not only does Alex   have his account hacked but the hacker also covers up all his tracks. Once the hacker has treated himself to a few free Uber rides in Russia he manages to delete the account without any trace. Even though Alex’s credit card was charged, when he calls up Uber they have no record of him.

So how did the hackers get into his account? Read more

How to Break Down Your Goals

Whatever project you have in mind, whether it’s writing a book, planning a big dinner party or starting your own side hustle, these big ideas can quickly become overwhelming. Thinking about all the work you have left to do can make you feel like giving up before you even begin..

To help me feel less overwhelmed I  use a little trick called “backtiming.” This is a concept I picked up from my day job as a TV news producer. If your show finishes at 11pm, that’s it, you can’t over run. So to make the news work on time we start with the end in mind and work backwards. This guarantees that you’ll finish on time.

This method has multiple real world applications, if you’re a whiz in the kitchen you probably use this method to ensure all the various elements of your dish will finish at the same time. You can also use backtiming to plan out your future goals. For more on how backtiming works check this out.

It also  helps to break up your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces. You can focus on one of these lists at a time to prevent yourself from getting distracted by all the other pieces of the puzzle. Read more

I Finally Figured Out How to Meditate

I’ve tried to meditate lots of times.

I’ve gotten into the groove once or twice, but it just never stuck.  I’ve done countless stories at work as a senior health producer about all the benefits and it sounds great.

One of those benefits is better focus and increased productivity.  And you KNOW I want that. But I just couldn’t figure it out.

I always struggle to switch my brain off and so I’ve never had the “enlightening moment” everyone always talks about.

Well it turns out I was doing it wrong.

My intentions were all screwed up.

But thanks to Oprah (of course) and an all day meditation retreat with world renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg I figured it out.

If you know me personally or have read my book Listful Thinking, you know  I have a generally positive and sunny outlook on the world. It’s the thing that many people tell me is one of my best qualities. Read more

Eat The Frog to Get More Done

Do you ever get that feeling when you first wake up, the fear of knowing that today you have to do THAT task.

The thing you’ve been putting off for weeks now and the deadline has finally arrived. Maybe it’s paying your bills or deciding which contractor to sign with.

I’m a natural procrastinator myself so I will try to do these kinds of tasks at the last minute and if it has to be done on a particular day then you know I’ll be dreading it.

But there is another way.

A few weeks ago during my Listful Thinking MasterClass my web designer and media strategist Cass hosted my class because she has a very unique way of looking at productivity and I thought they would learn a lot from her. And they did! During Cass’s talk, while discussing the perils of procrastination, she explained her belief that you have to “eat the frog”


Eat the Frog is a productivity concept in which you do the tasks you want to do the least  first. By getting the awful tasks out of the way your burden for the day is lifted and you can actually enjoy the remainder of it. And be more productive because you crossed off something that was looming large.

This simple concept really resonates with people and the fact that it frees up the rest of your day is a built in reward that encourages you to banish those procrastination habits!

Ok so what task will you use to Eat the Frog today?