3 Steps to Overcoming Your List-Writing Addiction

listsI got an email this week from a regular reader of this blog asking me for some help. She writes:

“What should I do if I’m spending more time writing out lists than crossing off tasks on those lists?”

Given that we make the most lists around holiday season I imagine a few of you might be suffering from this same problem, so I thought I would share my advice with you. Read more

How to Keep Track of Your Addresses

address bookAs much as I love new technology, especially technology that helps increase your productivity – there are a few ways in which I’m still behind the times. For starters, I still have one of those old school style address books. I write addresses in pencil so I can easily update when someone moves.  It works – until I need an address when I’m not at home! This week I’ve been trying to drag myself into the 21st century by looking at online address books.

While looking at all the various sites, I started to realize that at some point I was going to have to sit down and manually enter all my contacts! It’s not a job I’m particularly looking forward to, but that’s one of the necessary evils of modern technology. There are options to auto sync your contacts but I don’t want to import everyone’s email addresses, phone numbers, etc.  I just want their physical addresses in one spot! Read more

Meet My VIP Launch Team

Listful Thinking VIP Launch TeamThe past couple of weeks I’ve been scouting for readers of ListProducer.com to join my VIP Team to help me prepare for the launch of my book “Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed.” I’m really looking forward to working with them and getting to know some of the regular readers of this blog!

Here’s the list of the fabulous people who were chosen for my team:



Garette — Hackensack, NJ

Irene — Setauket, NY

Frances — Chicago, IL

Darcie — Brooklyn, NY

Eileen — West Roxbury, MA

Arianny — Lynbrook, NY

Elka — Homestead, FL

Jason — New York, NY

Joni — Lincoln, NE

Shing — Queens, NY

Kate — Canton, OH

Ann — Ontario, Canada

Shelagh — Andover, MA

AnneMarie — Forest Hills, NY

Katie — Green Bay, WI

Bianca — Hermosa Beach, CA

Kathleen — Topsfield, MA

Sandra — East Elmhurst, NY

Laura –New York, NY

Susan — Aldie, VA

Barbara — Nanuet, NY

Shari — Austin, TX

Kathy — West Chester, OH

(PS If any of you didn’t receive the welcome email that I sent out on Tuesday – please shoot Matthew (matthew@listproducer.com) an email and we’ll find out what happened to it!)

5 Ways You’re More Productive Than You Thought

sucessOn this blog I write about the things you can do to be more productive. But what about the things you are already doing? Whether you realize it or not you’re always improving. Don’t believe me? Think back to the person you where a year ago, or five years ago. You’re probably doing a lot better than you thought.

Today I encourage you to take a moment, think about all the productive things you do and give yourself a pat on the back. Here are some productive things you might do without even knowing it!

Taking a Shower – So many people think of good ideas when they’re in the shower and it’s because the falling water releases negative ions which generate clearer thinking and more energy. Also many of us start planning our day in the shower without even thinking about it. You may have only just woken up, but you’re already being productive! If you’re using your shower to be able to generate more ideas and to think more clearly, then it is important that you make sure that your shower works properly. A shower that isn’t working to its full function could affect how productive you are during the day, not forgetting it can have an effect on your hygiene. Getting your plumbing system checked out by a Blacktown plumber or someone that is local to your area can ensure that your shower is working effectively so that you have a better chance at being able to start your day off right.

Email Batching – We tend to be more focused if we only take on one task at a time. So if you reply to your emails in one shot when you first get to work then you’re well on your way to a productive day.

You Keep Going – Okay so maybe today didn’t quite go as planned, maybe your phone died and you missed an important call or your project isn’t as far along as you’d hoped. But if you get up and keep trying then your on your way to success! Not giving up is one of the most important things you can do. As Edison famously said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Playing with Your Pet – I was very happy when I recently discovered a study showing that cute animals trigger our care-giving impulses, which improves work performance. Which means that even if your just hanging out with your cat on the sofa – you’re actually being productive!

You’ve Bought my Book – (Ha! I had to fit in some shameless self promotion in the name of productivity!) Listful Thinking is full of great tips on productivity and time management. So if you’ve ordered my book you’re clearly well prepared and ready to make changes in your life.

Sneaky Ways to Get Your Act Together

organziedYou probably have at least one person in your life who always seems to be on top of things. They’re always prepared for meetings, they never forget your birthday…you know the type.  Not to brag – but my friends say this about me.  So what’s our secret?

The truth is we don’t have an endless memory, we just know where to get the right facts.  I can’t help myself — I’m a journalist after all. Read more