Not another Secret Santa! Unique Ideas to Spruce up Your Office Gift Giving

christmasI’ve been at my job for over seven years and have had mostly the same people on my team. As a result we developed a routine for how we dealt with Christmas in the office. However, recently we’ve hired a few new people and it’s quickly becoming clear that the Christmas status quo will have to be changed.

Now I don’t want to get to ‘Bah Humbug’ here, but sometimes I feel like office Christmas celebrations at the office can be a bit of a chore.

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How to Live A Grateful Life

grateful lifeI love anything about sharing, gratitude and happiness.  It just puts you in a better mood and makes the impossible seem so much easier.  It’s why “The Secret” is one of my favorite books and I often write about keeping a gratitude journal. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Gratitude and Happiness!

Obviously I was excited to read The Grateful Life, the 3rd book in a trilogy by Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons. It’s an anthology of stories on gratitude, which encourages you to be thankful for what you have in you life right now. I personally find that when you are grateful for what you have, you get more and more of what you love.  The authors open the book with a very good point: “Whatever your goal may be, nothing happens until you take action.”   So it’s not like you can just ask for whatever you want and wait til it happens — there’s still some work involved.

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How to Get an Inspiration Boost

creativityIf you’re looking for inspiration, Monday is probably one of the worst days to do it.  I know when I’m dragging my feet on the way to work after a fabulous weekend — the last thing I feel is creative. So how can you inspire yourself and get your Monday of to a good start?

Here is my list of quick tips to help get the creative juices flowing:

Take a Shower – So many people think of good ideas when they’re in the shower, that someone invented waterproof sticky notes so that these pearls of wisdom are not forgotten. Isn’t that brilliant? Read more