How to Get an Inspiration Boost

creativityIf you’re looking for inspiration, Monday is probably one of the worst days to do it.  I know when I’m dragging my feet on the way to work after a fabulous weekend — the last thing I feel is creative. So how can you inspire yourself and get your Monday of to a good start?

Here is my list of quick tips to help get the creative juices flowing:

Take a Shower – So many people think of good ideas when they’re in the shower, that someone invented waterproof sticky notes so that these pearls of wisdom are not forgotten. Isn’t that brilliant?

There’s actually a science behind why we tend to think better in the shower. I was listening to Ali Brown’s podcast “Glambition Radio” and according to happiness expert Marci Shimoff, the falling water releases negative ions which generate clearer thinking and more energy.  So if your looking for that next great idea then head to your nearest waterfall!

Listen to New Music – If you listen to music on the way to work you’re probably sticking to old favorites. Maybe you’re listening to some new songs, but it’s probably in a genre you know you enjoy. Since different music stimulates different parts of our brains listening to other genres of music could help you open up to new ideas.

Work on a Mundane Task – Doing something simple and repetitive like making copies or sealing envelopes may be boring, but it gives our minds a chance to wander. A study at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that when people are given tasks that give them a chance to daydream they are more likely to be creative.

Relive your Best Memories – Remember that time you did something crazy or courageous, that time your where overwhelmingly happy? Take a moment to think about how those times made you feel. Your proudest achievements can be the basis for your inspiration and remembering those times can help you get fired up.

Write Anything – Take out some scrap paper and write for five minutes. Don’t stop to think, just write anything to keep your pen on the paper. When you’ve finished take a minute to read it over. It may seem like mad ramblings at first, but this exercise can help to bring out ideas you didn’t even know you had.

How do you inspire yourself?

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