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List For Writing A Book

pencil-918449_640Since writing Listful Thinking I’ve spoken at several public events and book signings about my writing process. It’s come up at pretty much every event.  I suppose it’s because “write a book” is on so many people’s bucket lists.  People always want to hear my checklist for writing my book.

Well, first of all, you can’t just stick “write book” on your to-do lists along with “buy milk” and “pick up laundry.” That’s a sure way to know your off to a bad start. That’s because “write book” is way too big a feat for just one task on a to-do list.

But imagine you’ve set some time aside in your day and you’re determined to finally get your idea onto paper.

Now what?

Writing a book, like raising a child, is a case by case basis thing. What works for me might not work for you so feel free to adapt these tips based on what works for you. Read more

How to Get an Inspiration Boost

creativityIf you’re looking for inspiration, Monday is probably one of the worst days to do it.  I know when I’m dragging my feet on the way to work after a fabulous weekend — the last thing I feel is creative. So how can you inspire yourself and get your Monday of to a good start?

Here is my list of quick tips to help get the creative juices flowing:

Take a Shower – So many people think of good ideas when they’re in the shower, that someone invented waterproof sticky notes so that these pearls of wisdom are not forgotten. Isn’t that brilliant? Read more