A Beautiful Bucket List

This weekend was special.  A close friend and colleague, Jessica, turned 30.  She chose to spend that day giving back.  Nearly 70 people took to the streets (and bars) of Hoboken, NJ to raise money and awareness for Jason and Justin Leider and their foundation “Let Them Be Little X2“.  Jessica produced a video with the boys and their parents telling the world about their rare genetic condition (1 in 100,000 births) called Mucopolysaccharidoses-2 or Hunter’s Syndrome. Read more

Lists Can Tell Stories

Your lists can tell so much about you. Where you’re going, what you’re doing, how much you have left to do, if you need milk, etc.

More Than a Grocery List

An artsy guy named Bill Keaggy collected a bunch of grocery lists in his blog and book, “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found.” People from all over sent in their lists or ones that they found and the results were pretty telling. There were normal grocery items like milk and eggs.  But some offer strange combinations like the one that includes hair detangler and Prozac. Bill’s commentary always makes me laugh.  Check it out for a chuckle. Read more

Email Etiquette Checklist

I have to stop myself sometimes when I fire off an email because I think…”will this be taken the wrong way” or “I should probably say hello first.”  These are things we sometimes overlook in this digital world. But it’s important to mind your manners even when writing electronic mail. Every word matters.

For some insight I asked Sharon Troth Gaffney, the founder and creative director at MeebleMail. This is a great idea — it’s personalized email designs. So for stationary freaks like myself — it’s a guilty little pleasure to be able to dress up your emails! Read more

Keep Track of Restaurants

I take food very seriously. I accumulate restaurant recommendations like someone would keep a rare coin collection. For me — there is no substitute for great food. So I really enjoy giving recommendations and also receiving them.

But in all my list-making frenzy I haven’t been able to find a good way to keep track of all my restaurant recommendations til now. I used to write them down on paper, then I started putting them in my Astrid, Wunderlist or Clear apps. But I kept finding that the lists would get buried or I would forget which app I was using Read more

Checklist for Enjoying Time Alone

I have an older brother but we’re eight years apart so basically I grew up as an only child. I was fortunate to have three amazing girl cousins who were and are like sisters to me. They included me in on all their sisterly things and I never spent a Halloween or birthday without them. But being an “only child” I learned how to play on my own and occupy myself.  I actually love my alone time and look forward to it sometimes.

I’ve been known to go to movies alone, go to the theater alone, go to restaurants and eat alone — etc.  I love it! It’s an empowering feeling to be happy enough in my own skin to be able to spend time by myself and be OK with it.  I probably wouldn’t plan a vacation on my own, like my friends Danielle and Brian have, that scares me a bit but otherwise I’m a pretty independent person. Read more