The Productive Power of Lists

The simple to-do list can be a mighty productivity tool. Lists can help you approach goals in a more intentional way, set the right priorities, and hold yourself accountable. Which can help you achieve more at work and in your career.

And you’re 33 percent more likely to do something if you write it down!

And my new Audible masterclass “The Productive Power of Lists” is here to help you get started!

This class will help you use lists to your maximum advantage. In this masterclass, you’ll learn to assess the work you have in front of you and identify how to best spend your time. You’ll figure out what to work on versus what to delegate, what’s important versus what can wait. From evaluating tasks through the lens of your top priorities to embracing your own productivity rhythm and scheduling free time to recharge, my Audible masterclass will empower you to accomplish more of what’s meaningful.

Some highlights of the class are:

  • My four-step formula for creating a list-making system.
  • What a “distraction placeholder” is and how to use it.
  • How to find your personal productivity style (and how to use that to effectively schedule your days).
  • Why an accountability buddy can be the secret to getting things done.
  • How to stay productive when working in a group.
  • What a “to become” list is and how it helps you envision your dream life.

To hear a sample of “The Productive Power of Lists” click here.