Apps That Get Me Through My Day

iphomeThere are so many productivity apps on the iPhone, trying to find the good ones can sometimes be a challenge. I like to try as many apps as possible and I often post about them here. If you follow this blog you might’ve wondered what apps I actually keep on my phone – well now you can find out.

Here are some of my favorites:

Post It Notes – Post It Notes are one of the oldest and greatest productivity tool. They’re just so handy! Use this app to keep track of your notes.

Umano – Want to catch up on your favorite articles, but don’t have time to sit down and read them? Umano reads articles to you, so you can listen to them wherever. They even have some of my articles and I narrate them too!

Trip Advisor – The great thing about Trip Advisor is that you can instantly find a good restaurant near you without having to wander around. It’s the app version of that friend who just seems to know all the good spots in town. I used it over and over again when planning my recent trip to Italy.

Seamless – I live in New York City so of course I order take out at least once a week! (Sometimes three times!)  Seamless is great for those late nights after a long day at work.

Fancy Hands – Outsourcing is one of the best ways to get more done. Fancy Hands is like having your own virtual personal assistant.  Assistants can do research for you, make appointments and even make annoying calls to customer service on your behalf.  They just can’t do any physical tasks.

Paper Karma – Fed up of receiving junk mail? Paper waste takes up precious counter space and also head space as you sift through it all. It’s so annoying! This fabulous little app lets you snap a picture of your junk mail and then they contact the mailer and remove you from their distribution list. Eliminate annoying mail and help the environment too.

What apps do you use regularly?

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