How to Keep Track of Your Addresses

address bookAs much as I love new technology, especially technology that helps increase your productivity – there are a few ways in which I’m still behind the times. For starters, I still have one of those old school style address books. I write addresses in pencil so I can easily update when someone moves.  It works – until I need an address when I’m not at home! This week I’ve been trying to drag myself into the 21st century by looking at online address books.

While looking at all the various sites, I started to realize that at some point I was going to have to sit down and manually enter all my contacts! It’s not a job I’m particularly looking forward to, but that’s one of the necessary evils of modern technology. There are options to auto sync your contacts but I don’t want to import everyone’s email addresses, phone numbers, etc.  I just want their physical addresses in one spot! Technology is even at the point where I can use an address lookup website to find out information about the people living in a neighbourhood.

After looking through all the options I’ve settled on Plaxo stores your address book on the cloud so you can access it from any location, plus your contacts are always backed up. If you use their paid service Plaxo will also auto update your contacts using their LinkedIn and Facebook information. Plaxo also syncs with your Google and Apple calendars, sending you birthday reminders if you’d like.

I’m still open for suggestions on this switch over.  Where do you keep all your addresses?

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Another struggle I find is that people tell me their addresses and sometimes I only remember certain parts of it. You’re now able to use a new system which enables you to do online background check to get all the different information, sounds very technical I know but it’ll solve the problem.

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