The List by “The Office”

For someone who is in the TV business — I surprisingly don’t like to watch TV all that much.  Isn’t that weird? It’s true though — I’d rather be reading (nerd alert) or doing something else rather than staring at the tube, usually. However — there are certain shows that I just can’t do without.  “The Office” is one of those shows — I absolutely love it.

Ironically enough — my favorite show was about a list this past week!  Can you believe it?  Lists are everywhere!

The new CEO of the company — Robert California — keeps a list of “winners and losers” around the office.  Seriously — that’s his list.  Well once the office finds out about the list — everyone is thrown into a tailspin. You can check out the episode by clicking on the  video below.

Robert’s list seems kind of cruel — but we are all guilty of keeping this kind of list from time to time. You know how much I advocate list making but I’ll be the first to admit some lists should remain in your brain only! This type of list is absolutely one of them. Unfortunately if certain lists get into the wrong hands — they can be hurtful and misinterpreted — doing more harm than good.

I know you’re thinking — this is a sitcom and meant to be a joke. I know — I get that. But let this little episode be a warning — beware of where you leave your private-thought lists!

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