What’s on Your Favorite Movie List?

I have to admit – I really just want to show you my photo with Jennifer Grey. I met her yesterday while doing a shoot at work about chronic pain and a campaign she’s working on. But it did inspire this blog post about movies being that “Dirty Dancing” is one of my favorites of all time! I have literally seen it over a hundred times, I’m sure. I continue to quote from the 1987 flick in my everyday life!  Here’s a list of my most-loved quotes:

  • “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”
  • “I carried a watermelon”
  • “It’s a feeling; a heartbeat”
  • “I think she gets this from me”
  • “This Danish is pure protein”
  • “Where is my beige iridescent lipstick?”

I could go on and on and on! Haha Thanks for indulging me a bit. But it’s really amazing how movies can bring you back to a place in your life and really make you happy.

Here’s a list of some of my most favorite movies…in no particular order:

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Grease
  3. Limitless
  4. The Godfather
  5. Goodfellas
  6. The Princess Bride
  7. Forrest Gump
  8. The Wizard of Oz
  9. Babe
  10. Finding Nemo
  11. E.T.
  12. Titanic
  13. Just Married (haha – I’m serious, I love this one)
  14. A River Runs Through It
  15. The Little Mermaid

I’m sure I forgot some – but basically this is my list. I’m sure yours looks different – but maybe we have some similarities? Please share your “Favorite Movies” list with me! Can’t wait to check them out.

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