Outsource Your To-Do List

I’ve been raving about the movie “Limitless” since Jay and I saw it in the theaters. If you haven’t seen it – you need to! Not only because Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes but also because it’s a highly-entertaining thriller. It’s also set in New York City and I love movies where I can point out my favorite streets. I guarantee by the end of the movie you’ll want the drug they’re pushing called NZT.

NZT allows you to access 100% of your brain instead of just 20%. It’s like being your best possible self but then times that by 100. Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie learns languages in a fraction of the time and recalls memories and information in a flash. He’s able to write a novel in just days and quickly becomes rich by learning the ins and outs of trading stocks.

Talk about crossing off everything on your to-do list! Wouldn’t it be nice to whiz through all the things you need and want to do? Well you actually can – even without NZT.

It’s called TaskRabbit.com. It’s a new service launching in New York City today where you can pay someone to do the things you’re too busy to do! Isn’t that just perfect for New Yorkers?! You can save time, money and be less stressed. For a small fee you can ask a TaskRabbit to do just about anything like:

  • Put together Ikea furniture (isn’t that the worst task ever!)
  • Pick up groceries
  • Research a trip (my personal favorite – you know how I love research)
  • Stake out a picnic spot in Brooklyn
  • Visit a family member at the hospital
  • Find a reliable and trustworthy company to come out to fix all of your plumbing issues. One example of a company we have previously come across when trying to organise a water meter installation is Van Damme Projects

How is this different from Craigslist or some other site where you can solicit services? TaskRabbit actually screens their “task rabbits.” The people doing these tasks have to apply and are background checked.

This is also a great opportunity for people looking to make some extra cash. Not only can you sign up to do the usual errands but you can also offer up your writing, plumbing or baking skills — just to name a few.

TaskRabbit is the brainchild of Leah Busque, who is an engineer turned entrepreneur. She needed food for her dog one day and poof an idea was born. TaskRabbit already exists in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Boston. Soon there will be Task Rabbits in Portland, Seattle and Chicago.

If you have a to-do list – you have a need for this service. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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