To-Do List Fix: You Never Cross Anything Off

Why you aren't crossing things off yourI often get questions from people who need help fixing their to do list. I find that the same problems often crop up again and again.  So I figured I’d write posts from time to time to help you tackle them because I’m guessing some of you might be having the same issues.

Problem: You never check everything off your list


1.  Use Action Words:  Your list isn’t specific enough.  Don’t just write “respond to emails” – write instead “write back to Debbie about holiday party.”  That gives you a concentrated action that you can feel good about crossing off your list.

2.  Prioritize:  Look through your list and determine what really needs your attention first.  Once you figure that out then make a separate list for those items.

3.  Evaluate:  It’s also important to consider whether or not your list is realistic. Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by writing down tasks we couldn’t possibly complete.

4.  Divide & Conquer:  If you have a mammoth task to complete try to break it down into smaller pieces and do a little bit every day.  If you make smaller lists this will help you to feel a bigger sense of accomplishment faster. It will feel like you’ve done so much because you’ll be able to move onto the next list sooner.

5.  Outsource:  Another way to shrink your lists is by outsourcing some as much as possible. Do you really need to do all the items on your list or can you get someone to do it for you?

What are some classic list problems that you have?

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