List Making is in my Blood

I get it from my dad. He’s a serious list maker. For as long as I can remember – he is always making a list about something. So this Father’s Day – I’d like to honor him for passing down this quirky habit to me and highlight some of his frequently-used lists.

List for Expenses

My dad has tiny strips of paper that he uses to record every expense he has. He has tons of these little papers in his office. Whenever he pays bills — he puts on his glasses and squints at these pint-sized papers. Why he doesn’t switch to full-sized paper is beyond me. This system works for him and he lists off everything he needs to pay for the month and crosses them off when he does. I’ve told him he can do this online but he’s yet to retire his tiny papers.

Lists Before Leaving on Vacation

Any time we went on vacation – which was usually to Lake George, NY when I was growing up – my dad would make a list of all the things that needed to be done before we left. The list would usually consist of things like “turn off the air conditioning,” “put mail on hold,” “water plants.” He does this so he doesn’t have to remember to remember anything. It’s all right there – quick and easy.

Lists for Planting a Garden

My dad’s garden is his pride and joy. He grows all sorts of vegetables but is famous for his tomatoes. He plants way too many of them every year –but claims he has to because they are so good. He gives them to our friends and family and my mom makes lots and lots of tomato sauce. Every March he makes a list of all the vegetables that he wants to have in his garden for the summer. He’s very systematic about it and even draws out a map of where each vegetable will be planted. It’s pretty cute that he’s so passionate about it.

Maybe this trait is in my blood or maybe I learned it over time. Whatever the reason – it’s made me the organized, slightly neurotic, kind of obsessive compulsive and successful person that I am! Thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    You’re definitely your father’s daughter! I love the tiny strips of paper…I can just picture it. And I wish I could get my hands on some of those tomatoes!


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