The Ultimate Magazine List

I love reading magazines. It’s my guilty little pleasure and has become a borderline obsession. My husband makes fun of me because our coffee table is always overflowing with the last few months of my favorites. But I have to have them all and reference them to take notes. Eventually I give them to my mother-in-law because she also has this magazine addiction.

As a self-proclaimed magazine connoisseur – here is my list of favorites that you must try:

1. Health Magazine: It has the perfect mix of mind, body and soul – and recipes too! They have great contests and events for their readers. One of my favorite features is the “To-Don’t List,” which highlights tasks overwhelmed women don’t have the worry about. Perfect! I also like the “What the Yuck” column by Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa – I worked with her briefly when we were both at WPIX in New York City.

2. Food Network Magazine: Food Network is another obsession of mine – my DVR is packed with its shows. Iron Chef, Giada, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Guy’s Big Bite – you name it…I love it! So naturally I love their magazine. But the best part about it is the pictures – they have full-color photos of almost every dish they mention. It’s amazing and mouthwatering!

3. Redbook: Lots of practical, down to earth advice – whether it be fashion, health or love. Their health section is pretty extensive and comprehensive – which is really helpful. They also feature a male columnist, which is refreshing for a women’s magazine. I like to see the “male brain” at work.

4. Self: This magazine is the perfect blend of nutrition, fitness, beauty and lifestyle. Their food photos are fabulous too. They have great contests and challenges for their readers. The little blurbs on their masthead from their editorial staff are great. As a behind-the-scenes producer…I appreciate giving the production staff a little love.

5. Real Simple: Hands down – my favorite magazine. I get it for my aunt year after year for Christmas because she loves it too. This is the most practical and “do able” magazine out there. My favorite feature is the “new uses for old things” section – they turn ice cream scoopers into architectural tools – fabulous!

6. Cooking Light: This magazine has really great recipes. My husband and I try to make a new dish every week and most of them come from Cooking Light. They are easy to prepare, quick and delicious. We are new cooks so for us – easy is key! Oh yeah – and delicious is good too!

7. Food and Wine: This read is definitely for the more refined palette…that I pretend to have. What’s that saying? “Fake it til you make it” — well that’s how I feel about this magazine. Their recipes are a bit advanced for me and the photography articles are stellar. One day I’ll know all the wines that they suggest and artisan foods they talk about. For now, I’ll just live vicariously through their editors.

8. Whole Living: A great health magazine by the Martha Stewart crew. Love her! This magazine focuses a lot on natural medicine – which I really appreciate. I cover this subject regularly at work so it’s right up my alley. I also love their pet section. Not a lot of magazines have that and I commend them for it – people love their pets!

9. Prevention: The best subway read out there! Its pint-sized form makes it easy to stick in your purse and pull out, as you’re crammed between passengers. I love their quick tips and their natural medicine columns. I also appreciate the short articles – perfect for my 15-minute subway ride.

10. O Magazine: This one goes without saying — I love all know that by now. Especially now that her show has gone off the air — I get my daily dose of Oprah through the magazine. They have a good range of health, beauty, love and family columns.


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