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7 Tips for Traveling Abroad

Photo Mar 12, 6 02 21 AMWhile traveling abroad there were a few things that made my trip even easier so I’ve decided to share my list with you:

1. Use Airplane Mode: When you board the plane – put your phone on airplane mode and leave it on for your entire trip. This way you will avoid any crazy expensive
data charges. Your phone won’t access any cellular towers this way but you can turn WIFI on if you want to check your email. I found this to be a really easy way to stay connected but also not have to worry about spending a fortune.

2. Pack a Carry-On Only: Between going through customs and waiting for your luggage – getting out of an international airport can take forever, but to make it easier for you, you could check out this carry-on luggage size guide before you jet off! As this way you won’t have to worry about bringing the wrong size luggage on your trip. My advice is to pack everything you need in a carry-on. You will save time and money this way. My friend Nicole has quite a system for this. Click here for her techniques. Read more