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How To: Writing a Packing List



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I always make a brand new packing list for every trip. Some people keep a template of items they use often but for me I like to start from scratch and really customize my list.  Having the list helps to make my trip less stressful.

Here’s my packing list making technique:

1. Write an Itinerary: Let’s say we’re going somewhere warm from Friday to Monday. We are arriving late on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday will be carbon copies of each other. Breakfast, Beach, Snack, Lunch, Beach, Snack, Dinner. Fabulous!  When you make your list think of all the activities you might be doing.  If you’re museum hopping — you won’t want to forget your camera and comfy shoes. Read more

List, Lists & More Lists

I can’t help myself — I have to make lists about everything.  Planning trips, buying gifts, things to do, goals I have, restaurants I like, questions to ask, etc. etc. etc.  So I’ve compiled some of my lists (and guests’ lists too) all in one place as a reference for you.

Check out my lists page and feel free to print them up and take them with you — to look for an apartment, to buy a bra, be a better parent or pack for a trip.  I’m always working to improve and add to these lists.  Please let me know if there are any you’d like me to find for you and I’ll track down the best expert with some tips.  Or I’ll make the list myself — being that I love it so much.  Hope you find these helpful!