Checklist for Enjoying Time Alone

I have an older brother but we’re eight years apart so basically I grew up as an only child. I was fortunate to have three amazing girl cousins who were and are like sisters to me. They included me in on all their sisterly things and I never spent a Halloween or birthday without them. But being an “only child” I learned how to play on my own and occupy myself.  I actually love my alone time and look forward to it sometimes.

I’ve been known to go to movies alone, go to the theater alone, go to restaurants and eat alone — etc.  I love it! It’s an empowering feeling to be happy enough in my own skin to be able to spend time by myself and be OK with it.  I probably wouldn’t plan a vacation on my own, like my friends Danielle and Brian have, that scares me a bit but otherwise I’m a pretty independent person. Read more