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The Unusual Hobbies of Successful People

Sir_Richard_Branson_photo_by_Priory_StudiosSome people think you have to give up your hobbies to be productive – but that’s not the case. In fact, hobbies can help become even more productive, as I’ve written about before.

Did you know that many successful people have a hobby of some kind? I have a whole pinboard dedicated to celebrities who enjoy list making just like me. Other celebrities have some more unusual hobbies, here are some of my favorites:

Meryl Streep – She’s known for playing a wide variety of characters, but at home Meryl likes things a little more mundane. Rather than going out to fancy parties, she prefers to stay at home and knit. In an interview with The Record she explained – “I live a very unspectacular life. I love to sit on my chair in the living room and knit. Or I cook or read a book. I’m a very frugal person.” Knitting can be a very repetitive task, but that gives your mind a chance to wander and be more creative.

Stanley Kubrik – I’m always on the lookout for a good note pad, which is something Stanley and I have in common. Those who were closest to him often mentioned his love of stationery. He once apparently bought 100 bottles of brown ink because he heard they where going to discontinue the line. Collectors are often very organized people, they also understand the importance of research.

Sir Richard Branson – This famous entrepreneur is an avid list maker just like me. Many entrepreneurs like to unwind through exercise, but for most this is normally with a round of golf. Branson prefers a little more adventure and is often spotted kite-surfing. He enjoys it so much he has broken a couple of world records. Branson is the oldest person to kite-surf across the English channel in fact. Also in 2013, he organized the largest parade of kite-surfers to complete a one-mile course. Sports are a great hobby for keeping you healthy and helping you to understand the importance of perseverance.

What are some of your hobbies?

Jorge Posada Should Have Used a List

I’ll be the first to say — I’m not a sports fan.  But I’m married to a sports anchor so I need to be somewhat informed about what’s going on in the sports world.  So I know some serious stuff went down with Jorge Posada and the Yankees this past weekend.

Since starting this blog people who aren’t list makers have been giving it a try — including my husband!  Here’s his take on why Jorge Posada (or anyone facing a difficult situation really) would have benefited from doing the same thing.

Jorge Posada Should Have Used a List

by Jay Berman

New York Yankees aging star Jorge Posada might have been better served with a “cooler heads prevail”-type checklist this past Saturday night. Instead — the selfish jock made a mockery of the sport, his bosses, his teammates, and the fans by asking out of the line-up due to his disapproval of his scheduled spot in the batting order. Ironic how the man with the most experience on the sports most celebrated team shows his true colors by acting immature and childish.

Of course, a quandary of this magnitude, could have been easily avoided with the proper checklist! Read more