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Ronald Reagan Was A List Maker!

I take copious notes while doing just about anything.

1. Phone Calls: I jot down keywords and phrases so I don’t forget details and can go back and reference what was said later.

2. Magazines & Books: I write down ideas or websites I want to check out as I skim through the pages.

3. Movies & TV: I’ll get a thought and have to write down a note or two about what I’m watching.

My husband thinks it’s a colossal waste of time but it turns out I’m not alone in this obsessive little habit. Former President Ronald Reagan did a similar thing!

A book called “The Notes: Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of Stories and Wisdom,” is a collection of Reagan’s personal notes. He jotted down his favorite quotes, jokes and proverbs on 4-by-6 index cards and kept them locked away in the Oval Office. The only other person who had seen these lists was his beloved wife, Nancy.

The book says that Reagan picked up list making while he was working as a spokesman for General Electric in the 1950s. He would read during long train rides and write notes on what he thought was most important. Read more

Keep Track of Your Lists

To-do lists aren’t limited to just items you need to pick up at the grocery store. I make to-do lists for books to read, restaurants to try, quotes that mean something to me, movies I want to see, names I like, recipes to make, clothes to buy, etc. I basically take notes on everyday life.

Usually I keep a running tab of these lists in my email drafts folder. I may or may not remember to refer to them.  Oh well — at least I try! But now I’ve found a website that will help you keep track of all your running lists and even remind you to check them out again.

The site is called Pistashio and it allows you to “stash” links and items to check out later. The creators have broken the lists up for you into categories. These are Eat & Drink, Watch, Read, Listen and See & Do.  I like all these categories — but I wish I could change some of them and add my own.

One of the things that I really like about this site is that you can share your lists on social media sites and set reminders. The reminders will nudge you to check out your lists and take action on them.  Pistashio is like if your to-do list and Read It Later had a baby.  Check it out and let me know if it helps you keep your lists straight.