10 Ways to Create Free Time Out of Thin Air

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Everyone I talk to complains about not having enough time for everything they want to do. What would you do with that time? Get more work done, write a blog, take a wine-tasting class, staring at the sky, sleep?

Whatever you decide to do with your new-found time…my guest blogger Dr. Shannon Reece says it’s possible! Dr. Reece trains women entrepreneurs to use their strengths to create successful businesses. No one said starting a business was going to be easy, but just like with anything, you have to be willing to put in the right amount of work that could turn your business into a success. Of course it will take time, but hopefully, it’ll be worth it. So regardless of whether you are thinking of starting a recruitment business, starting a recruitment business or you’re looking to create online courses, taking some advice from professionals like Shannon may help you get on the right track.

Creating Free Time Out of Thin Air

by Dr. Shannon Reece

Our lives are busy! You may be thinking that’s the understatement of the decade, as you try to read this post, while attending to three other things at the same time. But part of the reason our lives have become overwhelmingly full is because we have lost sight of the things that matter the most. Easy to do, amidst the noise and clutter you have to filter each day.

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