6 Steps to Simplifying Your Daily Routine

I have a problem getting out of the house in the morning. I do a lot of things like make lunch and pick out my clothes the night before.  So that’s helpful.  But in the morning I check emails, I tweak my blog, I post to Facebook, I poke around Twitter…all while I’m trying to get ready.  It drives my husband crazy.  I suppose even I could use a list for getting out the door in the morning.

I actually wrote one in my ebook called “The Top 10 Lists Every Mom Needs.” Download it and check it out.  But I could always use some fresh ideas so that’s why I asked organizing goddess, Tracy McCubbin, for a little insight.

6 Steps to Simplifying Your Daily Routine

by Tracy McCubbin

Most of us know the benefits of de-cluttering, especially if you’re reading this blog, but what we don’t realize is that clutter causes stress in our everyday lives. How many times have you scrambled in the morning to find your keys, a matching shoe or even your purse?

It’s my goal to help everyone, whether you’re a mom of quints or a single 20-something, develop livable systems of organization they can incorporate into their daily lives to make it more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here are six simple steps you can take to give your daily routine a makeover. Learn it, live it, love it.

Everyday Tasks

1. Have a breakfast plan.

Just like a weekly dinner menu, make a breakfast menu. Cereal & fruit on the days you have to leave the house a little early and eggs on the days you don’t.

2. Pack lunches right after dinner using leftovers.

This is a favorite tip – not only does it save you time in the morning but it also saves you money on eating lunch out.

3. Do your dishes before you go to bed.

Dishes stacked in the sink cause chaos in the morning. Chaos in the morning means running around like a headless chicken.

4. Pack work bags the night before.

Gathering your iPad, laptop or paperwork the night before will help ensure you don’t forget anything. Plus, double bonus, if you hit snooze one too many times you won’t have to rush to get out the door.

5. Keep a gym bag on standby.

Put two sets of clothes AND shoes in your car or by the door if you take public transportation. Follow this rule and you’ll always be ready for a workout!

6. Give everything a home.

Each day put your belongings in the same place that way you’ll know where to look for your keys, purse, shoes or wallet.

For the Over-Achieving List Maker

1. Go through your closet and purge!

Make it easy on yourself – less clothes, less choices. If you didn’t wear something this season, you’re not going to wear it next season, so add it to the donation box.

2. Consider a color scheme for your wardrobe.

This way everything will always match and you can spice up outfits with pops of color with accessories.

Tracy McCubbin is an award-winning home and office organizer and founder of dClutterfly. She’s based in Los Angeles and travels across the country helping clients develop livable systems of organization in their lives.


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6 replies
  1. linda zanoni
    linda zanoni says:

    At the beginning of the season as I clear out for the new – I put the hangers in the ‘wrong” way. If it’s still hanging the “wrong” way at the end of the season the item gets donated. So far – three years later – I haven’t broken the pattern and haven’t regretted it either. It also keeps you in a wardrobe that isn’t totally out of fashion.

  2. Laura
    Laura says:

    These are great tips, Paula! I was happy to see some of the things I strive to do everyday are on this list! I always have my gym clothes packed in my backpack before I go to bed along with my wallet, small makeup kit and other everyday items so I can simply zip it up and head out the door. I also have a small bucket on top of the fridge where the keys go as soon as I walk in the door. It’s amazing how having things in their “right” place can eliminate some stress on a pre-caffeinated morning! Happy weekend!

    • List Producer
      List Producer says:

      Hi Laura —

      Thanks so much for your comments! It’s so true — putting in some preparation time makes all the difference! And having a spot for everything so you don’t waste time looking for things in the morning. I have a rack by the door for my keys. If they aren’t there — then I know I’m in trouble! haha Thanks, P

  3. Angie
    Angie says:

    My favorite tip is the packing lunch right after dinner, no need to pack-up leftovers just to re-pack them up in the morning. Good info!


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