Finding Success Through List Making

Dr. Shannon Reece

Making lists will make you successful. I’ve said it a zillion times because it’s definitely worked for me. I’m an Emmy award winning TV producer and staying organized through list making has helped me to stand out in my field.

This is just one tactic for achieving more at work and in other aspects of life. Dr. Shannon Reece has a website that offers strategies and tips for women in business. I was included in her post “89 Famous Quotes That Will Rock Your World,” — I’m number 55.  And she gave us “10 Ways to Create Free Time Out of Thin Air.”

I was honored to speak with her on her YouTube show “Spotlight on Success.”  The show is designed to give you a leg up on starting and maintaining a great business.  I’m excited to hear what you think!

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  1. Barbara Goldberg
    Barbara Goldberg says:

    Thank you Shannon for sharing Paula with us on this Spotlight show. She provided some great tips why we should all keep lists. I’ve been a pseudo list maker for a long time but I’m finding the more I put it down on paper the more I get things done.

  2. Dr. Shannon Reece
    Dr. Shannon Reece says:

    Paula, Thanks for the amazing shout outs and for sharing your fabulous episode on my Spotlight show! I just can’t get enough of your organizing tips via lists, because I am a list lover at heart! Thank you so much for being an amazing guest on my show. 🙂 Shannon

    • List Producer
      List Producer says:

      I was so thrilled to be on the show! Thanks so much for thinking of me and for all your kind words. Let’s hope my crazy list-making ways will help everyone be more successful! — Paula


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