20 Must-Have Apps

On an everyday basis — my iPhone amazes me.  It’s a wonder how we got through life without these super smartphones.  One thing I absolutely love is how easy apps make my life.  Here’s a list of some of my favorites:



Ways to Get Off The Phone Quick

Photo Credit: Max Orenstein

It’s happened to all of us.  You are happily working at your desk and then a phone call comes in that completely derails your productivity.  But the truth of the matter is — you let it happen!  I know — I’ve done it too!  However — there are ways around this productivity roadblock.  Meggin McIntosh hosted my List Making Teleseminar and is one of my favorite guest bloggers — she offers some tips on how to get off the phone quick! Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Over-Stuffed Purse

Recently I was the subject of an intervention.  It’s true — I was out for drinks with my friend Brian and he said “we’re worried about you — you need help.”  Before you start to worry about me — he was talking about my purse! It’s overstuffed and weighing me down. haha!

OK– I will admit that I have an overstuffed bag. I like to be prepared for just about anything — but my poor shoulder is paying the price. So right there in the bar — Brian decided to dig through my bag and help me eliminate.  You’ll never believe what he found: Read more

Being Organized Helps Beat Stress

One of the things I love about being a health producer is that I get to cover “news you can use.” From the newest super food to a cutting-edge surgery — we often learn about it first.  Not only does this information help people but it makes me look really smart at cocktail parties.

That said — I had the opportunity to produce a segment with life coach and author Margaret Moore (a.k.a. Coach Meg) about her book “Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life,” where she gave all kinds of tips and tricks for being less overwhelmed, less stressed and more productive.  Love that!

Take a look at the video and accompanying article here for some ways to tame the frenzy in your own life.  Here are some of my favorite Coach Meg tips:

  • Think about what puts you in a calm state and do it!
  • Set small goals to focus your attention (say to yourself for 30 minutes I’m only working on x)
  • Turn off your cell phone and/or email to get more done
  • Even super organized people can overload — build in breaks and time to relax
  • In the end you are the only one to hold accountable for your productivity

Meet the List Producer

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my blogs all about making lists to be more successful, organized, productive and less stressed.

Please watch this video for a bit more about me, my lists and why they work!

A huge thank you to Mary Lengle from Madison & Company for producing it! You can check out some of my other videos on my YouTube Channel