My Email Inbox Is Overwhelming

Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot :

I get a ridiculous amount of mail to my personal email account everyday. It’s not that I’m that popular — I just like to sign up for newsletters, deals, advertisements, alerts, etc. I think I need to scale back because it’s getting a little much to handle.

Every morning — I sort through no less than 10-15 emails that I’ve gotten early in the morning or the night before while I slept.  I delete most of them without ever opening them.  These are the coupon codes and “secret” sales for online and brick and mortar stores. I feel like I should keep subscribing to these because you “never know” when you might want a coupon. But really — it’s just crowding up my email box and slowing me down. Read more

List Maker Turns Passion Into Career

Imagine a place filled with lists to help you navigate through anything in your life. Moving, grocery shopping, meal planning — you name it. Well, such a place exists at It’s a site started by Jennifer Tankersley and you guessed it — she’s this month’s Featured List Producer:

Q: Why do you call yourself a compulsive list producer?

A: I’ve always been a list maker. I’ve used them to set goals, to help me remember important things, and to organize my thoughts. In December of 2006, I had an inspiration. It suddenly occurred to me that a template in list form would be convenient for printing and then using again in the future. Less than 6 months later, was born. ListPlanIt is a website of my creation that contains hundreds (about 700, actually) of lists and planning pages for its members to print, download, type into, and/or save. Read more