List for Cleaning Up Your DVR Recordings

For a person who works in television — I watch relatively little of it.  There are some shows that I won’t miss like “Modern Family” or “The Office” but for the most part — my DVR is filled with fluff that I may or may not ever actually watch.  Do you have the same problem?

I’ve decided it’s almost like junk mail.  I hang on to some shows that take up precious real estate in the DVR “just in case.”  So I just went through and deleted a bunch of shows I’ll never watch and cleaned up the scheduled recordings also.  Here’s a list so you can do the same:

1.  Go through your current saved recordings and one by one decide if you care if you didn’t watch that show.  Be honest.

2.  Delete the ones you won’t watch.

3.  Now go to your schedule series recordings and scroll through all the shows you’ve set to record whenever they are on.  (Mine include The Newsroom, Giada at Home and Oprah’s Next Chapter.)  Decide if these are worth keeping or if you constantly delete these recordings when they pop up.

4.  Repeat.  (You probably weren’t honest the first time.)

5.  Feel better about having less clutter in your DVR inbox!

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