What are we to do about Orchestra to-do app?

The app will be shutting down today at noon Pacific time.

The app will be shutting down today at noon Pacific time.

Sorry, loyal Orchestra users, the to-do app will be officially shutting down tomorrow at noon Pacific time. I know I turned many of you on to the app and now we are left in limbo.

A note from the company stated: “After tomorrow afternoon, all cloud services including sync, task delegation, access to the web app and customer support will be unavailable.”
What is a list maker to do when their favorite to-do app shuts down? Just in time to get you organized for the weekend, here’s a short list of my favorite to-do apps (in no particular order):

Making Your To-Do List “Stick”

Grocery ListSunday is my day for catching up on things I missed during the week, getting a head start on tasks for the week ahead, and getting to zero inbox

With a limited number of hours in the day, there is only so much that can be accomplished. I’m someone who hates to go to bed with a task left unfinished, but sometimes with a big empty Sunday ahead of me I can get a little ambitious. I’ve found though that if you set yourself up for small wins by limiting your to-do list you’ll feel more accomplished at the end of the day. It’s much easier to get 3 things done than 30. It’s just simple math – and I’m terrible at math but trust me, it’s true!

This method can be used to increase productivity at work, plan social events, and even limit overspending at the grocery store!

Not convinced? Here’s a list of reasons to limit your to-do list to a post-it: Read more