“Sticky Notes” App

notesappWho doesn’t love sticky notes? They may line your mirror or computer screen but wherever you put them they serve as tiny reminders of all you want to accomplish. Even though they can stick to just about anything (like your iPhone) you can be totally lost if you forget to take one with you or read it before you leave the office. But now you can take them with you!

The Sticky Notes app is user friendly and free!

Here are a few features I like:

1. Did you ever wish that sticky-note stuck to the top of your notebook could remind you when it’s time to complete your task? This awesome little app lets you sync alarms with whatever you write on your sticky.

2. While I love seeing a picture of my husband and I at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris when my phone is locked, sometimes remembering to pick up the dry cleaning takes priority. With this app, you can add sticky-notes to your lock screen so you have no excuse!

3. With several different wall papers and fully customizable text, this app is a really beautiful twist on classic yellow Post-Its.

4. If you go through as many Post-It notes as I do, it is actually eco-friendly to use an app like this!

5. Your notes can never get lost! The problem with real sticky notes is that sometimes they get accidentally stuck where they aren’t supposed to or the adhesive wears away and then that important little note is lost forever. With this app, there’s no more worry that you’ll forget the milk.

Do you use the Sticky Notes app? What do you think?

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