List of DIY Beauty Recipes

raspberryEveryone loves to be pampered every now and then. But I get it, it’s expensive to hit the salon. So how about if you did it yourself?  My friend, Erika Katz, is a beauty expert and author at and she’s come up with a bunch of easy DIY beauty recipes for us to try!  That’s my kind of list!

Win Free Stuff for Sharing Your Bucket List

Paula_MiamiThis past week I went on vacation to Miami for my birthday. I had a fantastic time relaxing by the beach and eating lots of delicious food. Even though this wasn’t an especially exotic vacation, it got me thinking about my bucket list and all the amazing places I’d love to visit and things I want to do before I “kick the bucket.” The thing about having a bucket list is that it is personal to you, so you’ll never feel like your list isn’t as good as someone else or the other way around. If you have a goal of learning how to play Airsoft games and it can be as simple as checking out these Great Value airsoft guns, then you may be able to tick it off sooner than you think. Or you may even want to go on an around the world trip, which may take longer to achieve. Either way, having a bucket list helps you work towards your goals. Make sure to use retirement to tick off your bucket list in the future just like many others do!

My Bucket List

Thinking about the goals you would like to achieve is a great way to get started planning your future…especially after having another birthday! If you’ve always wanted to trek along the Inca Trail – why not research what time of year is best to go and what you’ll need to bring?

Here are a few things I’ve got on my own bucket list:

  • Visit San Francisco
  • Live in Paris
  • Hold a koala bear Read more

Heidi Klum Loves Her To-Do Lists!

Heidi Klum is a List Maker

I really enjoy finding celebrities who are also list makers. It makes me feel like we’re a special bunch!

In fact, there are many celebrities who are known list makers like Madonna and Sandra Bullock.  On Pinterest I made board dedicated to productive celebrities:

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Whose your favorite productive celebrity?