Want some attention?

Attention — it’s something we’re all after.  

Whether or not you want to admit it — it’s the truth.

Think about it.

When you put a picture on Facebook of your fabulous vacation or that amazing dessert you had to splurge on you want someone’s attention right.

I don’t care who you are you’re checking back to your Facebook to see how many likes it got.

It’s totally okay everyone does it.

But how do you get yourself out in front of the right people to build your business, your brand, your book or any of those things that you want attention for?

I’ve been helping people do that for years.

As a follower of this blog you know that I’m also a television producer as well as an author and blogger. And one of the things I help people do every single day is get attention.

They get and keep the attention of an audience on television speaking about what they know and changing people’s lives.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve launched an online video course with my friend Terri Trespicio. It’s called Lights Camera Expert and we are accepting applications right now for the fall class.

I get asked to speak a lot about being a TV producer and what it takes to be on TV.  

Most recently I was asked to be a guest on The Publicity Mastery Summit. It’s hosted by Fabian Markl, author of Unlimited Freedom and an entrepreneur who created this online event while working on his day job.

I’ll be talking about how to hone your pitching skills and get producers interested in featuring you. I hear pitches all the time at my day job, so you can be sure I know how to make a good one!

There are 19 other experts speaking including Terri!  She’ll be speaking about the importance of having a brand. So many people miss this step because they’re worried about appearing false or arrogant. Whereas in reality having a ‘brand’ is simply about acknowledging what makes you so great!

If your looking to expand your business and get your name out there then click here to grab your Free Pass!

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