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12 Ways to Get Inspired

Everyone can use a little nudge every now and again.  If you need a little encouragement to get your creative juices flowing — this is the perfect list for you.  This guest post is from a wonderful friend of mine.  Karen Bussen is an entertaining expert, event and wedding planner to the stars and an amazingly creative mind.

Listing Inspiration

by Karen Bussen

Are you in a bit of a rut? Would you like to infuse your life with a little extra something-something? In my office, where we spend our days producing fabulous parties, we must always innovate and think creatively, so I started hosting “Inspiration Meetings,” where each member of our team is invited to bring “something inspirational.” Could be anything at all—I don’t limit it to photos or objects. Just “whatever inspires you today.”

In June 2011, I brought in a postcard from the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. I had treated myself to a museum membership for my birthday, and as soon as I got my membership card, I headed straight for this show, which was inspirational on so many levels, even though I don’t consider myself a “fashion person.” The postcard I brought to the meeting captured a dress crafted entirely of black duck feathers, which made the mannequin look like a darkly romantic 40s movie star-raven hybrid. Read more