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‘Bucket List’ Makes it to the Dictionary

Dictionaries hold the answers

Dictionaries hold the answers (Photo credit: 3nglishN3rd)

Every year Merriam-Webster announces a list of new words being added to their dictionary.  It’s like the Academy Award nominations for nerds.  Being a lover of words — I’m always interested to see which ones made the list.  In recent years there have been a few nods to pop culture.

This year’s newbies include:

  1. Bucket list
  2. Sexting
  3. Gastropub
  4. Man cave
  5. Ear worm
  6. Mash-up
  7. Aha moment

I think you know which ones are my favorites here!

I’m thrilled that “bucket list” has made the list!  It’s such an important tool for goal making and dreaming.  Once you put something down on paper — it suddenly becomes tangible

Yay for Oprah — she’s made it to the dictionary!  As a fan — I’ve listened to her and her guests talk about having an “aha moment” over and over.  It’s good to see that this clever and catchy phrase has gotten it’s due.

Here’s a video of Oprah talking about what an “aha moment” is for her.

For the complete list and their definitions click here.