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Tech Goddess Makes Lists Work For Her

As far as self-professed nerds go — Carley Knobloch is the coolest.  I would call her a tech goddess in fact.  I’ve talked about her site former Digitwirl.com because I really think it’s great.  It’s a site dedicated to technology, apps, websites and products to make your life easier. Carley is also a featured speaker at BlogHer12.

She produces high-quality video and tips that are informative, quirky and cute.  I’ve shared a few here for you to check out and will continue to do that. Digitwirl is how I learned about Smore.com, which I used to make my “Lists & Libations” Meetup flyer.

Carley isn’t only a tech nerd…er goddess..she’s also a list maker!  So she’s this month’s featured list producer: Read more

Never Lose A Receipt Again!

With this post I’m going to share two of my new favorite things.  An organizing app called Lemon and a fabulous website I’ve just found called Digitwirl.com.  I’ve mentioned Lemon before in my posts about must-have apps.  It’s a great way to keep track of all your paper receipts and go digital!  No more clutter and you will always know just where to find every receipt.

Digitwirl.com is a really great site that dishes on new technology to make your life easier — just like Lemon.  Carley Knobloch features apps, websites and products in a fun and useful way.  Check out Carley’s take on Lemon!