Join My Virtual Meetup

L is for Lists

L is for Lists (Photo credit: Swiv)

Since starting my Meetup group Lists & Libations in NYC I’ve gotten a lot of requests to organize a virtual Meetup.  So I’m hosting one tonight for all the people who aren’t in NYC or can’t make our in-person Meetups.

There are 3 spots left in our Google+ Hangout tonight.  If you’re interested in tonight’s theme: “Common List-Making Mistakes,” please signup and join us!

If there’s interest — I’d be happy to host more of these virtual Meetups so we can chat face to face!  Hope to see you tonight.

Successful List-Making Group

A while back I had a thought to create a Meetup group for list makers.  So I did — it’s called “Lists & Libations” and we had our first event last week in NYC.  It was a success! I’ve posted more photos on my Facebook page.

I’m thrilled that about 15 fellow list producers could come together to share drinks and ideas.  I had a little questionnaire with some list-related questions as an ice breaker and gave out some prizes from one of my favorites —

With the first Meetup under our belt — I’m planning two more.  Another one in NYC that will probably have a theme to keep us all focused!  I’m hoping to get some guest speakers too.  And I’m also planning a virtual meetup — called “Common List Making Mistakes & How to Fix Them,” so anyone can join in.  That one is a bit of an experiment — I’m going to use a Google+ Hangout for that one.  We’ll see how it goes!

Would love to hear your feedback and have you join the “Lists & Libations” meetup group.