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Guy Fieri’s Game-Watching Party List

Every night Jay and I watch Guy Fieri’s, “Guy’s Big Bite” on Food Network before we go to bed.  Probably not the best idea — because we are always hungry! But we both love Guy and that’s why I was so thrilled to get this list from him for throwing the perfect football party! He’s the expert in both football and food!

I’m not a football fan — but I am a food fan and football parties are the most fun of all!  Here’s Guy’s list for a fantastic fiesta that will save you time so you can enjoy the game.

5 Tips for an Unbeatable Game-Watching Party

by Guy Fieri

1. Choose the Right Foods – Choose foods that can be prepped beforehand so that it keeps coming throughout the game. Homemade pizzas are always a hit! Ask your local pizzeria for balls of raw pizza dough and you can create your own varieties: vegetable, plain, meat, or even something sweet, like a s’mores pizza with chocolate and marshmallows.

2. Flow – Prevent traffic jams by putting drinks in the garage. Fill three coolers with different categories of beverages: waters, non-alcoholics, and beers. Read more