Checklist for Furniture Shopping

For months and months I’ve been complaining that my bedroom is a wreck. Jay and I have collected a hodge podge of furniture through the years and that basically results in a bedroom that looks like a college dorm. Our living room couch is also pretty uncomfortable so we’ve been meaning to replace it. So we finally decided to go furniture shopping. I used this checklist of course because as you know — I don’t do anything without a list!

1. Know What You Need: With all the furniture that we’ve acquired we’ve also gotten used to having a lot of extra space for our clothes. This is very important when you’re looking for new furniture – you must have a clear picture of what kind of space and storage you will need. I mean, when it came to updating our garden in the summer, one thing that we knew we needed was log stores, to help keep our wood dry and aired. As we had a clear idea in mind as to what we needed, this made the decision easier. I guess a similar process goes for furniture shopping too. Also make a list of the pieces you are looking to buy so you don’t get confused in the store or even buy more than you need to, which you sure would if you decide to stop for furniture, somewhere similar to Driscolls Antiques or any other retail store. Read more

10 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

I’ve said it before — I’m not good at home decorating yet. I just haven’t found my stride with it. So in the meantime my bedroom looks like a college dorm. We didn’t win the “Angie’s List Worst Bedroom Makeover” contest. But the good news is that I’m totally fine with not being the worst at anything! There will be other opportunities to transform my space — like this list right here. Expert designer Lauri Ward gave me a list of the most common decorating mistakes and how to fix them. Are you guilty of making these?

10 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

by Lauri Ward

Everyone makes the same errors when it comes to decorating, no matter the style of their furniture, the size of their home or their budget. An example of these errors is using questionable traders. When you are decorating your home you want it to look as beautiful as it possibly can. This makes using a reputable trader essential when deciding who to use. For example, if you were to purchase bespoke wardrobes, you would not be wise to settle for a untrustworthy trader that hasn’t been checked by a credible source. But this is just one of the errors that people always seem to make! Read more