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List of Ingredients to Spice Up Your Cocktails

It’s almost the weekend and I’m always looking for new drinks and spritzers to try. Entertaining guru Mindy Kobrin has been great in the past with giving me some ideas for ways to throw a fabulous outdoor party. Now she’s helping me again — with some ingredients to turn up the heat in the kitchen for a little romance.

Pantry Potions List

by Mindy Kobrin

Foods and ingredients that make you feel and look good might just be the treasured secret to kitchen romance! So hurry up and don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to feel tempted with some of my full-proof ingredients and pantry potions.


The bubbly is perfect for setting the mood with its happy carbonation that helps keep your arteries open and blood flowing. Practice safe sipping as noted in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “It provoketh desire, but takes away the performance.”


In ancient times, foods that resembled seeds or eggs were often thought to be aphrodisiacs and promote fertility. Pomegranates, full of seeds and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, are in abundance from October to January. Here are just a few of this fruit’s magical benefits: Read more