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How Cheating Will Make You A Better Friend

I’ve always impressed my friends by remembering significant events in their lives. I always send a good luck text before a job interview or wish them well before they go on a nice vacation. Over the years many people have complimented me on it, and asked how it is that I am able to remember all these events. Well I’m finally going to share my secret with you.

I cheat.

Whenever someone tells me about an upcoming event in their lives, their favorite drink or what they’d like for the holidays, I write it down. I set a reminder in my calendar to write the person a message about their big event or make a note a few weeks before their birthday or the holidays on which gift suits them best.

It’s really that simple! Read more

Organize Everyone’s Birthday

How do you remember everyone’s birthday? It’s really difficult but if you have a system in place you can be the star of the family or your circle of friends!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I use a list to track everyone’s birthdays throughout the year.  I document all the birthdays and I have reminders emailed to me, so I know weeks in advance if a birthday is coming up so I can plan accordingly.

Now that I’m totally addicted to my iPhone — I need an app for everything!  So I went in search of one and I found Birthday Calendar.  This is essential if you want to be organized and have everyone’s birthday in one spot. Read more