Planning My Trip to Paris

In just a few hours I’ll be taking off for Paris! Jay and I are visiting our fabulous friends Nicole and Peter who decided to move there for three months “just because.”

I know — they are a bit crazy — but this is why we love them. Oh, and also — they love to eat. And they love to plan! (Ok, Nicole and I love to plan…Jay and Peter love to eat more.) This trip has been months in the making.

Here’s a look at how we organized everything:

1. Plan out must-dos: Nicole and I traded email after email for months with lists about what we wanted to do on this trip.

Here’s what it boiled down to: Read more

10 Holiday Travel Tips

We are entering the busiest travel season of the year. If you don’t plan ahead you might pay an exorbitant amount of money to get from point A to point B for the holidays. But you don’t have to if you check out this money-saving list. Teri Gault, CEO and founder of, has shared tips in the past on how to save on Halloween decorations and how to cut back on your grocery food bill.

Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips

by Teri Gault, CEO

As CEO of, I fly over 150,000 miles a year, and stay in hotels, and rent cars all over the map! I also have a family and have enjoyed many family holiday trips and vacations without breaking the bank. Here’s my top 10 holiday travel tips for saving money when we need to most!

1. Compare alternative airports – Flights are higher during the holidays, but you’ve got lots of options to compare. Check to see if it’s cheaper to drive a few hours to a connection, than to take a second flight. Or, it may be cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale than Miami, for example. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars per ticket, and only had to drive 30 minutes further. I like for comparing flight prices. Also, different airlines have different rates, as they have different hub and origination cities. Just note that Jetblue and Southwest do not participate on Orbitz. So, be sure to compare their rates on their websites as well. Read more